Competence and experience in the management and supervision of the order, from the construction of the machines to the installation of complete systems.

Supervision putted at the service of the end user in case of installation at his expense; normally this activity is required for foreign orders.

Installations of industrial plants according to the Lay-out and assembly specifications of the Customer both nationally and abroad with the use of the Laser Tracker, an indispensable tool used for dimensional checks, other than for the assembly of large structures and installation of industrial machinery in compliance of the increasingly narrow tolerances required by our customers.

Thanks to this new investment, we can guarantee high mounting and alignment precision with the drafting of certified reports.

– Construction site management and supervision

– Foundations control

– Alignment of machinery with LASER TRACKER

– Drafting of hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication systems, etc.

– Commissioning of hydraulic systems, piping flushing

– Machinery commissioning

– Load and empty test

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